In the case of a patient facing an ACL rehabilitation; the whole rehab program was based on a specific path focusing on muscular reinforcement, using mainly the Desmotec D and V.


During the first phases, Desmotec devices played a very important role in monitoring the patient’s progresses on shifting the load from healthy to operated limb, using D for balance and isometric tests, followed by exercises with specific strap on the V. The last phase of the rehab process was focused on achieving the complete leg extension, complete balance recovery and full load on the limb, using the V for functional movement equipped with a specific tool and isometric works.


Desmotec devices allowed the patient to overcome the temporal gap linked to re-conditioning, in full compliance with the physiological time previously estimated. Desmotec therefore allowed to re-evaluate the whole rehab preparatory linked to the functionality of the final gesture.

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