Marie-Eve DiCaire is a Canadian professional boxer and she has held the IBF female light middleweight title since 2018. In 2013, she was named athlete of the year by Boxing Quebec. As of November 2019, she is ranked as the world’s best active female light middleweight by BoxRec.


In the video below, she is performing a Lateral Step exercise using Desmotec V.Full.  The main aim of this exercise is to improve speed, quickness and precision relative to the footwork, focusing on side and lateral movements.

During the repetitions, she  holds the handle in her hands in order to involve the core and maximise power tranfert.


Desmotec devices allow athletes and trainers to take advantage of the highspeed eccentric/concentric turnover. This specific characteristic is so important for athletes whose main focus is improving power.

In addition, Desmotec V.Full allow her to work and perform exercises focusing on very specific angles of motion and on the technical gesture.

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