Desmotec s. r. l. was founded in 2012 by Alberto Bertagnolio, in Biella, Italy.

The company has gradually become leader in developing devices and technologies for the rehabilitation, physiotheripeutic and athletic training fields. Desmotec was born from the collaboration of world-class trainers working with experts, doctors, professional athletes, physiotherapists, researchers and entrepreneurs who believe in the company and in its products.

Desmotec has started a fast growth, gaining an important part of the international market, expanding from Italy to Europe, Asia and America. Many universities, sports associations, professional teams and athletes use our devices, providing their own contribution to the growh and the development of the company.

However, Desmotec did not forget his roots. The company has started collaboration projects with local teams such as Biella Basketball and Biella Rugby, developing relationships which still endure nowadays.